Hi there, my name is Slavica ogdanov

For more than 15 years I help individuals and businesses to excel and reach new levels of success. I have helped thousands of people like you and even save hundreds of lives. My specialty is mainly developing business although my personal coaching helped many people to get out of depression, resolve problems with anxiety, of depression, of relationship and especially finances. I coach the coaches to use the same tools as mine. I offer coaching services directly or through my expert coaches I train. I recently opened a book publishing house and a film production company. I recently opened a book publishing company and a film production company. I invest in real estate and help beginners in making the right choices.


Featured in Forbes, Nasdaq, Psychology, Yoga Magazine and more. Contributor to LA Style, Succes Magazine. Proud member of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce as well as the Los Angeles Women in Film.

25 years experience in Business Development, scaling and out of the box marketing and PR strategies, Slavica spent the last 15 years studying success: what makes people succeed at reaching outrageous goals.

She herself reached quite a few and received her US green card as “a person with extra ordinary ability” in the law of attraction and self help for publishing 40 books on subjects ranging from brain reprogramming, time management, spiritual laws of money, law of attraction, business development…

She helped thousand of people worldwide as a personal coach but also via her digital coaching products. She receives daily testimonials of her proven effective techniques and even hundred of lives she has saved.

Her mission is to inspire and empower millions world wide. Her goal is to help as many people as possible thrive in business as well as their personal life. Everything is connected and one cannot go without the other. As one business man came to her once to fix his business. When she found out he had cancer, she first helped him cure the personal disease and then helped his business thrive.
Her methods are holistic and powerful.

She launched a film production company to tell stories that will positively impact the world. And she owns a publishing company to give others the leverage and impact resulting from published books she experienced.

Writing a business book and getting it published


Business start up


Business development and marketing


Law of Attraction and NLP


Financial personal coaching


25 years experience in business development and marketing

I spent over 25 years in business development. I started young in my parents’ business when, at the age of eight, I already served customers, took care of  advertising and accounting. At 12, I was managing a shop. At 18, when I went off to University. I was working full time in various companies. I received my Bachelor of Arts in 1996 and then I began a career in advertising sales in an embryonic magazine called Femina. I had great success. It is now one of the most read in France, During the following years, I worked in various companies in the development of new products with a focus on increasing profit margins and market share. In 2016, I went to my account and jumped into real estate. Moreover, in 2006 began then a long coaching and business consulting career that also led me to be an international public speaker.

  • Increasing sales (scaling X10)
  • Launching new projects.
  • Real estate investments
  • Increasing revenus by opening new products and finding out of the box marketing strategies
  • Marketing and advertising

Interviewed on many networks