A Team of Experts

We Love Writing

Our goal is to deliver a book that will sell copies and will help you shine as an expert in your field by offering you more credibility and notoriety.

What sets us apart is that we focus more on social marketing and increasing your popularity on social media in addition to offering a high quality business book.

We offer levels to suit your budget.

We allow you to be recognized as a published author and even become a best selling author.

We work with you in order to create additional sources of revenue.

What We Do

Very Simple

  • Weekly appointment to capture your story
  • Professional Writing books (novel if necessary)
  • Layout - Publishing
  • Creating a cover that sells
  • Publishing your book
  • Launching your book (on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and others)
  • You receive 50 free copies
  • Creating a website for your book
  • Intensive marketing during the first month to increase sales
  • Advertising and public relations campaign to market yourselfServices not included:
  • Monthly Advertising Campaigns
  • Webinar professional videos creation
  • Offer more derivative products