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Slavica Bogdanov is a Law of Attraction and  Business Development Expert

As a successful entrepreneur, business coach for over 20 years, real estate investor and recently film producer, Slavica Bogdanov has experienced all levels of success.

In this book, she reveals the complete strategy that helped her go from bankrupt to millionaire in less than 3 years.

Advance praise for From Bankrupt to Millionaire:

"Slavica Bogdanov has created a unique and detailed instruction manual for the day to day successes you will achieve as you reach your financial goals. "-Joe Vitale

“Slavica puts you in charge of your future by giving you the power to achieve financial abundance and find happiness at the same time. If you're looking for practical and spiritual direction to wealth, this book is your guide. "– Loral Langemeier

“This book gives you the inner inspiraton and guidance to become wealthy, and the outer skills and actions you can take immediately to achieve all your financial goals.”

-Brian Tracy – Top selling author of over 45 books that have been translated into dozens of languages.

“Read your book and loved it. I think it is filled with great stories, motivational and inspirational. Persperational because there is work in here you can do to take you from where you are to where you want to be.” -Jack Canfield – Author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

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I take this opportunity to thank you, because we worked a lot on aspects that I did not think.

And I think it's very good! It's amazing, I think I better know myself, because I learned to listen to myself and especially to discover my current life

Being more calm and calm, my thoughts seem more real and driven by a desire to be and therefore good for me.

Today I want to live fully every second, I want to laugh as many times as there are minutes in a life, I want to love everyone who deserves it and spend real moments with them. I want to work in pleasure and harmony, I want to continue a healthy life, full of pleasure. I want to become a master of silence, because it makes me feel good, I naturally want to be tolerant and accept all the differences, even those who do not think like me, I want to feel that good things in me, I want all my thoughts are positive and that the little bike disappears from my head ... I want to enjoy all the happiness and comfort that I already have ....

My goals for 2014 are changing. The transition will take a bit of time, because I need it, but it will be fine. It's going to be a real success.

Congratulations, you have changed a man into a lot better!

I will always remember you well for our meeting. You are great

Jean Charles
  • Learn the 3 unique ways to sell differently

    In order to make it to the top, you need to be different and do things others won’t. Learn strategies I used to almost be at the top of the game.

  • How to Network and Get Noticed Everywhere

    Learn how to develop your self confidence and ability to approach anyone anywhere to sell your products or services.

  • How to exponentially increase your revenues

    You cannot exchange time for money. You need money to work for you and you to work on your business not in your business. Learn how.

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I've had the pleasure to attend several sessions Slavica conducted(both in English and in French). She brings high levels of energy and engages her audience well, even over webinars! Her clear approach to her topics and command of the range of related information brings high value to her attendees.

Gerry Seymour
Gerry Seymour

Slavica is a great motivator. She knows how to help people reach their goals. She is a friend and a colleague that I recommend without hesitation as a career and lifestyle coach.

Alain Ishak
Alain Ishak

Slavica is a service oriented entrepreneur whose genuine character allows her to easily form connections with others. Slavica is consistent in her work habits. She is exemplary by way of her positive and uplifting nature both personally, and professionally.

Amber Treto
Amber Treto

Slavica is a motivated and dedicated individual who gets the job done and her flexibility insures helping you get the outcome you hire her for. To Your Best, Dr. Vetter - DocResults

Dr Houston Vetter
Dr Houston Vetter