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We are looking for serious and committed entrepreneurs, consultants and coaches looking to reach the next level of success:
Earning $10,000 a month.

This training is for you if you are already earning money in your field but are stuck not being able to reach the next level of $10,000 a month and are ready to follow our proven blueprint to get your there in 10 weeks or less. 

Limited Spaces Avaliable

Slavica Bogdanov

Commits to giving back 10% of profits to charitable organizations

I'm Super Excited About This Event and What You'll Learn From It

I have been a business expert consultant for over 15 years and in marketing and business development for over 25 years. 

I want to share with you the exact blueprint you need to reach the next level of success.

The reason why I created this very particular course is because I have been in your shoes. One of my first consulting businesses grossed over $250,000 the first year.

I knew I had stumbled onto something phenomenal but it took me a few years and a lot of top coaches to understand what the exact recipe and blue print was. 

And now, I am ready to share it with you. 

I will help you along the way, answer your questions, offer the latest insights, and guide you so you can reach that goal sooner than you thought possible.

My expertise is in helping entrepreneurs reach $1M a year and so I know really well how to get you to $100k a year in sales even if you can't picture it yet.


Slavica Bogdanov has already helped thousands of people via her best selling books, her award quality digital courses, Strategic and transformational consulting. She continuously receives emails of people's lives she has transformed. 

" I think your book is filled with great stories, motivational and inspirational  "

Jack Canfield

" She gives you the inner inspiraton and guidance to become wealthy, and the outer skills and actions you can take immediately to achieve all your financial goals

Brian Tracy

Work remotely

Work at your own pace

Let's Work Together

The training will takes place online so you do not have to go anywhere. 

You will receive daily action item emails, weekly live Q&A sessions, a secret platform where you will find downloadable tools you can use offline and work at your own pace. 

You will also be invited to a select Facebook group where you will meet like minded professionals you will be able to connect (and perhaps even partner) with.

Your positioning

How can you stand out from the competition?

What is your USP and how can you get noticed faster?

Your offer and what price?

Do you know who your ideal client really is?

Are you positioning your offer right and how are you choosing your price?

How can you sell more for a higher price?

Connecting before selling

How can you sell more to more people at a better price to grow your revenue to $10,000 a month fast from the get-to.

Changing your mind

Improving how you think will improve your changes of success. Getting you into a higher level thinking, problem solving and openness to opportunities.

Mistakes to avoid

What mistakes could be very costly for you and your business if you don't tackle those issues right away.

No more cold calls

How can you find and develop warm leads or even get people to come to you for your services instead of you going to them. 

How can you increase your client's LTV.

Motivation and inspiration

My goal is for you to succeed. I will share my own personal lengthy experience and offer plenty of motivation and inspirational tools to help you move along the way even when obstacles arise.

Social Media

How to maximize your use of social media not waste effort or time on strategies that will not bring you the results you seek.

When to hire?

Who to hire?

How to hire the right person?

Managing your money

Make more money, spend less, increase your margins. Learn how to budget and increase your financial cushion for more security, stability and peace of mind. 

Many deadly mistakes to avoid when it comes to money and finances.

Seeking Excellence

My goal is always to bring you to higher levels of success and well being. My efforts will be on helping you every step of the way to insure you reach your goal faster than expected.

What others are saying about my training.

I have helped thousands of people worldwide after I became famous with my first Best selling seller. Since then, I  wrote 40 books on success and still helping people like you reach the higher levels of success.

Hi, I'm Philip...

What I have learned from Slavica has really changed my life forever. 

I was able to make in a month what I had previously made in a year!

Philippe Lefebvre

Hi, I'm Isabelle...

Thank you very much Slavica for guiding me and showing that I have to be positive and take action for my life. Now I believe in myself .. Now I am on the path to well-being and harmony, now I live in my present and I am present in MY LIFE.

Isabelle Augusto 

The Weekly Event Online Schedule

Exclusive access to:

Week 1 - Assessment

Which strategies are currently working with you and what improvements can you immediately make to make sure that you land your more clients quickly.   

Week 2 - Proper Goal Setting

If you are not making $10,000 a month yet, you probably are not setting the proper goals. Setting goals is one of the foundation to better success and I will bring one step further by teaching you how to plan for success.  

Week 3 - Self Esteem and self Confidence

You will never receive more than what you believe you deserve. We will build up your confidence and self esteem with practical exercises. As you grow inside, your revenue will grow outside. You might already see results after this training.  

Week 4  - Mindset

As you know, mindset is probably to biggest differentiator between successful people and the rest. I will help you reprogram your brain to get rid of your doubts and fears. I will help you rid yourself from any mental blocks and limiting beliefs that might be stopping you or sabotaging your progress.

Week 5 - More clients

Where to find more clients for your services and stand out from the competition.

The goal here is to double your clients and also seek higher paying clients. 

We will also touch upon cross-sells and upsells as well as LTV (increasing the life time value of a client)

Week 6 - Time Management

We will work on time management and balancing work and family. You will learn strategies to do more in less time and organize your time more efficiently.  My clients usually gain 2-4 hours on average a day.

Week 7  - Closing sales

Having more prospects is great but what is even better is to have quality prospects and close more sales. That way you make less calls, waste less effort for better pay.

You will earn our flawless 4 step to any sales call that will make your life much simpler. You won't feel like you are selling at all

Week 8 - Social Media

From content creation to social media management, what do you need to do to set yourself apart from others and shine through all the noise in this 3 second world. 

You will also learn where to find great help and VAs as well as learn how to hire the right ones and not overpay. 

Managing your money

Making a lot more money creates more fiscal responsibility. I will help you to budget your expenses and know how to not be trapped by the Parkinson Law in spending your income (not the disease but the law).

Week 10 - Recurrent Income

If you are not currently doing it, you must and if you are doing it, you must do it more.  Having recurrent income.

We will see how you can create recurrent streams of revenue so that you generate passive income which will make your financial life much easier.

Basic to Expert Levels

Available Help & Support

Downloadable Files

Viewable offline

Great community

Weekly Live Q&A sessions

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Limited Spaces Avaliable - Don't Miss Out


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have unanswered questions, please contact us at

Where will it be held?

This is all online. You can access all the training from the comfort of your home.

How can I be sure I will reach $10K a month?

I can guarantee you your financial circumstances will improve if you follow all my classes. I have never had a person fail so far. The more you are committed to the outcome the more success you will have.

I am start-up, can I take this class?

Although our teaching are very accessible and easy to understand, they are targeting people who are already earning income with their business as the leap to $10K would be too steep otherwise.

Can I get one on one coaching?

Yes, it is possible to have us offer one on one Session once you enroll in our Event. 

What if I miss a class?

All classes are recorded so you cannot miss any. You can download them and watch them as many time as you'd like.

What happens at the end of 10 weeks?

We make an assessment and celebrate of you graduated from the class with a $10,000 per month revenue.

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