Slavica Bogdanov's painting have been exposed in Montreal, Toronto (Canada), New York and Miami (USA), Belgrade (Serbia).

Slavica Bogdanov is a 3 times amazon best selling author and expert on the Law of Attraction. She wrote close to 40 books some translated in 6 languages.

She is a serial entrepreneur and successful coach who helped thousands of people worldwide improve their lives.

Slavica Bogdanov is also a 20 time awarded screenwriter who launched a unique film production company called Empowering Entertainment. Her films are coming soon to a theater near you.

20% of the proceeds from this sale will be donated to preservation of wildlife as well as non for profit for children.

First painting

8x10 Oil on Canvas



18X36 Acrylic on Canvas



24X30 Acrylic on Canvas


Ice Water

36X48 Acrylic on Canvas



30X40 Acrylic on Canvas



18X36 Acrylic on Canvas



18X36 Acrylic on Canvas


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