3 Things Humility is Not

Humility is defined as freedom from pride or arrogance: the qualify or state of being humble. What we think humility is: self-deprecating comments that make others laugh and like us, denying our own self and/or beliefs to make others feel more comfortable, hiding because we aren’t yet good enough. Humility is none of those things.

Self-Critical or Self-Deprecating

Being self-critical or making self-deprecating comments is in no way humble. Especially if these comments are occurring to 1) downplaying your abilities or contributions, 2) extinguishing your light to make others feel more comfortable, or 3) allowing you comfort when you have put yourself out into the world for judgment. This is not humility because humility is not about downplaying yourself. It is about accepting that you are enough just as you are. That you are ready to help, give, and receive at this moment. This is especially important if you are doing these things in order to make others feel more comfortable, either about themselves or about how they perceive you. Humility is owning up to what you are capable of and giving it to the world.

Denying What You Believe

Denying your own knowledge or beliefs serves no one. Everyone is different, and together, we can learn and grow from one another. If it is fear of being asked questions or told you are wrong, then practice speaking your mind, defending your belief. You will gain respect and will be a fantastic role model to others, showing them it’s safe and appropriate to stand up for what they know is right.

Hiding Your Light

Hiding because you believe you are not ready is the farthest from humility as you can get. The definition of humility is not to remain quiet and protected until you are deemed worthy. Humility is going forth into the world without being prideful or arrogant of what you have to offer. You can share, learn, and experience life in its many forms without being egotistical. In fact, you’ll experience more joy and growth from living in humility!

Humility comes in many different forms. It is something that comes naturally to some, but for others, being humble is a lifelong work in progress. No matter where you fall on that spectrum, it is essential to remember that the world needs what you have to offer. Humility has nothing to do with being fearful or playing small. Embracing the true meaning of humility is worth the time and effort and will lead you to a better life than you could have imagined.