Top Ways to Influence Someone You’ve Just Met

Being persuasive is a lot easier when you know your audience. But what if you want to influence someone you've just met? How can you tell what they need and want? In this case, the best thing you can do is to as likable as possible. The way you speak and walk, what you're wearing, and how confident you look -- everything matters. 

Luckily, you don't have to be a psychologist to influence others. There are a couple of things you can do to persuade easily people you've just met. Let's see a few examples! 

Take a Bold Stand 

That may come as a surprise, but people prefer cockiness to expertise. They assume that confident individuals are more knowledgeable and skilled. 

Whenever you want to influence someone, take a bold stand. Show that what you're saying makes perfect sense. Be enthusiastic about what you're promoting, whether it's an idea or a product. 

Use Your Charm 

There is a fine line between charm and manipulation. Many times, people who appear to be charismatic are only trying to manipulate others. In fact, charisma is a common trait that defines narcissistic personalities. 

To be a good persuader, use your charm to influence, not deceive people. Put yourself in a positive light by highlighting your strengths. Smile, make eye contact and compliment the people around you. 

Leverage Power Words

Words have the power to change the world. They can convince people to take action, boost their confidence, and drive their behaviors. However, some words are more powerful than others. 

To be persuasive, use power words that evoke emotions or elicit a response. These include You, Now, Need, Only, Don't Miss, Proven, Secure, Free, and more. 

The word Instantly, for example, eliminates the fear of delayed gratification. You associate the word New with novelty, which activates the brain's reward center. People tend to make different choices when they hear the word Free, even if the value of a product or service remains the same.

Create Scarcity 

As human beings, we're naturally inclined to desire what we can't get. In fact, products can be perceived to be more appealing when they're in short supply or only available for a limited time. This concept is known as scarcity. 

Persuasive people use scarcity to urge others into taking action. Whether you're selling ideas, products, or services, try to promote them as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Include scarcity power words in your speech, such as Limited Offer, Get Them While They Last, Today Only, You Won't Get This Chance Ever Again, Now or Never, and so on. 

Always use your persuasion skills genuinely and positively. Strive to help people. If you try to manipulate the audience, they will eventually figure it out and stop trusting you.