Your Own Two Feet

This is about independence, what it means …and how to achieve it.

Independence can be a difficult subject to discuss. We all inherently know that achieving independence is a good thing. After all, many of our social and political role models are textbook examples of the virtues of independent living. However, while we “know” what independence is in the abstract, many of us have trouble applying that abstract concept to our personal lives. There is very little reason why this should be.

What is Independence?

  • Independence is defined as “the fact or state of being independent”

  • The first definition of independent is “free from outside control; not depending on another’s authority”

  • No matter how independent your lifestyle, you will still experience some form of control over your actions

  • It is an indisputable fact that our degree of independence depends upon our degree of dependence. 

  • True personal independence is a balance between personal freedom and the obligation to act in certain ways when it comes to our fellow human beings

Why is Independence Important?

  • It boosts your sense of self-worth

  • It decreases burden on the people around you 

  • You get to control your own destiny

  • Learn more about your strengths and weaknesses 

  • It can make you happier and more fulfilled

  • It sets you up for further growth

Trusting Yourself

  • Trusting yourself consists of more than an assurance of being “right”

  • It requires that you use critical thinking on yourself in order to determine the true motivations behind your desires and established goals

  • It serves as a bulwark against the doubt and misgivings that can come from inevitable failures

  • Having a rational and reasonable belief in your plan of action allows you to continue moving forward despite the setbacks that you are bound to encounter

How to Stand on Your Own Two Feet

  • Know who you are
    If you don’t have any idea who you really are then you can never hope to become truly independent

  • Question your beliefs and assumptions
    Examining your belief system is necessary if you want to stand on your own two feet and live an independent life

  • Be assertive
    Speak up for what you believe in. Tell the truth as you see it. Begin to set healthy boundaries for yourself.