In my 15 years as a professional life coach and business strategist, there is one mistake I noticed was the most frequent people did when it comes to searching for a creative solution to a given problem (no matter the size of the problem).

The mistake people make is asking themselves the wrong question and hope to find the solution to their problem. Remember, the brain is like a reasoning computer. It takes what you put in and comes up with answers to the questions you asked.

You wouldn’t ask a calculator how much does 4+4 add up to if what you really wanted was is left after you subtract 4 from 10, right? In the same manner, you need to be aware of the question you ask yourself (consciously or not).

The obvious wrong questions are:

How can I be that stupid? Why didn’t I think of that sooner? What am I always late? What doesn’t he ever listen to me? What am going to do now (in desperation)? Could it get any worse?

Read those questions allowed as if they were real questions and answer them. You will notice that nothing really positive will come out of it. The real question leading to solution usually start with “how”?

Instead of asking “why can’t I pay my bills?”, you can write “how can I make an extra… dollars in the next…?” One question is depleting, the other is empowering.

Instead of “I really don”t know what to do, how could I have been so stupid?”, use “How can I repair this issue rapidly (solve this problem) and what can I learn from it so I never make that mistake again”.

I hope you can see the difference between the two. One will lead you to no positive outcome and the other will empower you to great solutions.

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