Why We Fear Independence

When we’re children, it seems all we can think about is growing up and becoming independent adults. But as you grow, you might tend to become a bit fearful of
How Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Can Help Release Money Blocks

What is Healthy Independence?

We should all strive for healthy independence in our lives, because it gives us many different freedoms that collectively can create a successful, fulfilling life. Here are four of those

Standing on Your Own Financial Feet

You can’t talk about independence in life without mentioning financial independence. Becoming an adult comes with many responsibilities, not the least of which is making your own money, and learning
4 Tips for Standing on Your Own Two Feet

4 Tips for Standing on Your Own Two Feet

Can you stand on your own two feet? Are you the independent type, or do you rely on others for your answers, your care, and your decisions? If you’re looking

How This Entrepreneur Earns Six Figures A Month—Without Trading Time For Money

Jon Penberthy has never been interested in finding a job. Instead, he’s determined to create them. The founder of AdClients, Penberthy built his lucrative coaching company on simple principles: leadership, mutual respect, and a genuine desire to change lives for the better. This humble foundation served to accelerate his business development, and now, he shares just how he’s able to help himself and his private clients make six figures a month — without trading time for money.