Motivation Secrets of Great Leaders

Great leaders know how to motivate others. Since the amount you can accomplish on your own is limited, it’s necessary to have the assistance of others. Someone that can motivate

4 Mind Hacks from Silicon Valley

The most successful people know that focus is the magic ingredient when it comes to smashing your goals. Every day there are more and more innovative ideas coming out to

5 Common Obstacles to Success

Of course, you want to meet your goals. Of course, you want to be a success. And you work hard to get ahead, right? No one wants to fall short.

Using Affirmations to Reset Your Wealth Set Point

Whether you realize it or not, every word you think or speak is an affirmation. Affirmations are declarations, observations if you will, about you and the world around you. The concept seems simple

Script to Novel Tips and Hurdles

Recent times have seen new trends emerging where writing is concerned. Earlier, the book was written first. The screenplay, based on the book came much later. Today, things have changed. It is script

Persistence Breeds Success

If you want to better your life and attain your goals then you need to strengthen your power of persistence. Everyone has a persistent streak inside of them. The problem