Helping Kids Become Leaders

If we don’t transfer the knowledge of leadership to the next generation, they will not be able to handle the challenges of tomorrow. Kids need to learn leadership at an early age. However, teaching a kid to be a leader is not the same as teaching an adult. They need first to learn why leadership is important.

You want to support your kids in every way possible. You want them to have a fun childhood while also learning what they need to live well as adults. They are going to need to become leaders for this to happen. 

Parents and teachers need to teach leadership by example. Kids are not stupid, and when they hear the words do as I say not as I do, they are not fooled by this ploy. In fact, you will find kids will bring up when you say this when confronted with a similar situation.

Kids need to learn that they cannot always get their way. When they learn how to compromise, they will have a skill that will let them become better leaders. This doesn’t mean they should give in. But, they need to learn that others have needs, too.

When kids get involved in afterschool events or events in their community, they learn how to interact with each other. For instance, sports programs are great at helping kids become leaders. They learn how to work as part of a team. The team will form its structure which often includes some kids emerging as leaders. 

Volunteering in the community can give kids a sense of commitment and confidence. Both of these attributes are important when learning how to be leaders. It also gives them a sense of satisfaction in knowing they helped other people. When they are encouraged to do this often, it will become natural for them as they get older.

Kids do look up to their parents. But, they also look up to other members of the community or school. When they become involved in these activities, they watch as leaders emerge, and they try to become like those leaders. They learn by association.