4 Ways You Will Grow When You Embrace Obstacles at Work

How do you feel when you face challenges at work? Even if you thrive under pressure, sometimes facing professional obstacles can be daunting, even overwhelming. Perhaps it's that complex project, your first big public speaking task, maybe your first leadership role. There's a possibility that failure could sink your career. But it could also make your career.

Workplace challenges can be a massive opportunity for growth. Here are four ways you’ll grow and develop when you choose to embrace your work obstacles. 

1. Grow your skillset

If you’ve never given a presentation or a keynote speech before, this can seem like a scary prospect. But confident public speaking is a considerable skill to add to your professional toolbox. So, face your fear, knowing that it’s the number one thing most Americans are scared of and dive in. 

Whether it’s project management, web development, prospectus writing, or communication, your challenge can lead to greater skills, qualifications, and experience that will glow on your resume. 

2. Grow your market value

Embracing your work obstacles doesn’t just enhance your resume. You will become a more valuable employee and increase the value of your organization. How does that work? You don’t only grow your skills, you add to the toolbox of your team, your division, your entire organization. 

Learn from your challenges, improve your skills, and you’re instantly more marketable. Your next promotion has just got closer!

3. Grow your relationships

Working through obstacles as a team is a bonding experience. You rely on each other, cheer each other on, and develop collective energy to get through. Relationships get tested, forged, and strengthened when you face difficulty together. 

Sometimes your challenge will mean you get to meet and work with people in other parts of your organization and beyond. Maybe new clients, new suppliers. So, your relationships, your reputation, and your networks will grow and develop in ways you couldn’t have imagined. 

4. Grow your workplace satisfaction

There are few things more satisfying than embracing a challenge, working through it and succeeding. It is the antidote to being bored and unhappy in your job. 

If you’re feeling stale, seek out new opportunities, new challenges. Remember that you are way more than your current job title. You’ll enhance your reputation for being a can-do person who doesn’t shy away from challenges. Your confidence will grow, and you will stand out as someone ripe for promotion and success.