Being humble is hard. Not because you have to give up things or let yourself be walked over. Practicing humility is difficult because it takes hard work to put effort into areas of your life you might have overlooked before, or that society in general overlooks. No one wants to be the person swimming against the stream. There are five habits you can begin working on now to bring humbleness into your life.

  1. Build and Maintain Relationships

This may seem like a no-brainer, or it may seem like Mount Everest. Building and maintaining meaningful relationships is a life’s work. People are complex, but building connections that will last a lifetime and make your experience better is worth it. Being open to forming meaningful relationships with all those you encounter, no matter how “lowly,” sets you up to learn more about life than you could on your own. 

 2.  Accept and Give Feedback

Feedback does not mean accepting criticism and dolling it out in return. Learn to take feedback, even when it hurts a little. You also need to learn to give constructive criticism that is helpful to others. The goal of the humble is to lift themselves while lifting others.

 3.  Ask for Help

Many people perceive asking for help as a weakness. It isn’t. Asking for help means accepting where you are and what you are capable of and what your weaknesses are. Asking others for their support also allows them the opportunity to contribute in meaningful ways to the life of another. What a gift!

 4.  Know Their Limits

Knowing your limits in all aspects is an integral part of self-growth and real maturity. Know where your abilities end and what you need to improve on. Know when you hit burnout and need a break. Basically, you need to know yourself and what you need to be successful. Those who live with humility know themselves well and are always looking for ways to develop their skills and abilities.

 5.  Practice Patience

Patience is a virtue. Sometimes we have to wait for important moments. This can include working through a setback or a change in plan. The humble person has learned to work through difficulties instead of giving up, and they become more resilient as a natural consequence. 

Although the egotistical, arrogant person may seem to win more battles, it’s the humble who win the war. They know they are here to serve and are willing to wait to see their just desserts. Consider the benefits you might reap if you take on just one of these habits and expand your horizons.