5 Ways to Experience Personal Growth even in an Upheaval

As our usage of technology and the internet become more prevalent, we find ourselves as a society relying more and more on it, and less and less on ourselves. But technology can’t solve all problems. It’s not always available, nor do we usually want it to be. There are simply parts of the human mind, body, and soul that are irreplaceable - by technology or anything else!

By learning to become more personally independent, you increase your chances of success in all areas of your life. Self-reliance is a skill that comes easier to some than others, but it is a skill (or rather, a set of skills) that every one of us can benefit from. Here are 6 areas of your life that are sure to become stronger once you learn to stand on your own two feet:


Increased confidence and self-esteem will mean that you’ll be able to trust yourself more. You’ll think more positively about yourself and your capabilities. You’ll feel competent to handle most situations and challenges without fear.

With increased independence comes a decrease in the burden you place on your friends, family, and society. Being able to satisfy your own needs means that you are free from relying on others. This is a huge benefit to both you, and those around you!

Asset to Others

When you can properly care for yourself, it allows you to become an asset to others, because you can then care for others in ways you couldn’t before. This both allows you to give and allows those who need help to receive.


Being independent will increase your ability to be viewed as a positive contributor to your family, your town or city, and to society. When it is known that you can take care of yourself and others, it increases your positive reputation.

Financial Freedom

When you become capable and skilled, you are able to be paid what you’re worth, and take care of yourself and your family in a way that they, and you, deserve. Financial independence is incredibly empowering, as money can provide the experiences you’re seeking.
Physical Capability

Being able to solidly stand on your own two feet means that you can physically care for yourself and others, despite any disabilities you may be dealing with. The more physically capable you are, the better you’re able to handle any situation you come up against.