6 Ways Self-Discipline is Good for Your Body

When you think of self-discipline what do you think of? Does good health come to mind?

Chances are it doesn’t, or if it does, it probably wasn’t your first thought. But the truth is self-discipline pairs nicely with good health. It all starts with a focus on what’s best for your body and goes from there. Let’s find out how:

1. It puts a focus on what you eat. When you’re self-disciplined, you start paying attention to the food to put into your body. There’s no room for junk food or things that are going to make you feel bad in the long run. Self-discipline wants to see you eating healthy things and doing things that will benefit you in the long run, like avoiding excessive sugar and processed foods.

2. It puts a control on what you drink. Developing self-discipline means knowing when to say ‘no’ when it comes to alcohol. Not that you have to quit drinking entirely. After all, there’s nothing wrong with the occasional drink. Drinking wine has even been determined to be good for you in reasonable quantities. But self-discipline helps determine when enough is enough.

3. It gets your body in motion. The person who is self-disciplined knows the value of exercise – and then has the impetus to get up off the couch and put it into practice.

4. It helps break those bad habits like smoking or drug use. Self-discipline should even keep them from starting in the first place. The self-disciplined person recognizes that drugs and tobacco might give a short-term pleasure but in the long run, neither are good for you. So, if you haven’t started any bad habits, with self-discipline, you’re less likely to. And if you have, it helps give the bump you need to stop.

5. It helps keep your temper. Excessive anger is bad for your health in so many ways because it raises your blood pressure and gives rise to a host of other problems. However, self-discipline helps to keep your emotions in check. And so, while things might still anger you, your processing it better allowing you to keep things under control.

6. It keeps you from making snap decisions that are potentially harmful. This one has a broader view since now you’re looking at your safety as you interact with the world. For example, that might result in you not acting impulsively and going home with someone you don’t even know. It also means you’re more careful with your choice of words, so you don't end up in useless arguments.

Self-discipline is all about keeping yourself healthy and safe. By controlling yourself, you also control the things that would harm you. By practicing self-discipline, you set yourself up for a life of good health that comes from making better choices.