Being humble isn’t always easy. Sometimes you want to brag your butt off about how hard you worked. Sometimes you want to back slowly away from compliments. Walking the file line of humility at work is doubly difficult when you want to receive the accolades and positive evaluations from your hard work. So, how can you be a humble employee and still get your due? There are easy tips you can put into practice today.

  1. Take Credit

Take credit and take a compliment. When someone compliments your work, don’t brush it off or say that someone else did the most work. Take credit for what you did while giving recognition to the work that anyone else did. Taking credit for the work that you did will reinforce your value as an employee while building positive rapport with your team members. 

 2.  Ask Questions

Asking questions is twofold – it shows engagement, and it shows that you care. Also, asking questions does not make you look unintelligent or slow to catch up. If you need clarification or are genuinely curious, ask your question!

 3.  Share Your Knowledge

Knowledge is power. You won’t lose power by sharing what you know, but you will show that you are willing to help empower others. You were hired for a reason: knowledge, experience, and insight. Something makes you valuable, and if you are not willing to share, then why are you there?

 4.  Be Fair

Everyone at work should be treated equally, from the biggest boss down to the custodians and mechanics. It takes everyone to run a business, and you never know whose help you will need. But more importantly, everyone deserves your respect.

 5.  Ask for and Use Feedback

If you don’t feel like you are getting regular feedback on your work, start asking for it. Feedback in a constructive format will only make you better at your job. However, you must utilize that feedback and put it to use, even when it feels uncomfortable.

 6.  Walk Away from Bragging

You can walk away from bragging in a few ways. One, don’t do it yourself. There is a difference between taking crediting/accepting compliments and straight-out bragging. When other’s crow about themselves, let them. Don’t be pulled into the one-upmanship of competitive boasting. It serves no purpose and makes you seem arrogant.

Being humble at work and still earning respect seems impossible sometimes, especially when you see others taking shortcuts. Refuse to do that and start practicing humility daily, even when it’s easier not to. It will pay off in the long run, guaranteed.