7 Self-Disciplined Habits Uber-Successful People Have

You’ve seen them, the people that run from project to project and always seem to flourish. These are people with remarkable self-discipline, that’s true, but they have other things in common as well. Besides success and drive, there are seven traits that these people share.

1.     They all have passion. Successful people all carry a great deal of passion for what they do. When you truly care about what you’re doing, when it means something to you personally, self-discipline comes naturally. That doesn’t mean that every aspect of whatever they do is enjoyable because often it isn’t. But they are focused on the end goal, and they believe in it enough to plow through the doldrums and the hard parts to see that goal realized.

2.     They focus on what they’re doing. These successful people take away the cell phones, turn off the television, and shut down the browsers. They focus on the project and remove that which would serve to take them away from what they’re doing.

3.     They allow themselves rewards for progress. It’s important to give yourself rewards, snacks or short breaks when you’ve made positive progress. It energizes the spirit and makes the task less of a burden.

4.     They start with the greatest challenges and work down. When you begin the project, you have energy and enthusiasm. You should always take on the harder parts of the challenge when you’re fresh and ready to charge ahead. Save the little and easier stuff for when you’re tired.

5.     They keep their focus. In every moment you have choices to make. Either you can keep working on the project, whatever it is, or blow it off and doing something else. Typically, when working on something, there are decisions to be made, large and small. Making these decisions and keeping focused on the result is very important. Keep in mind that even what might look like a small decision can make a huge difference to the overall goal.

6.     They work within their natural rhythms. Morning people don’t tend to make the best overnight employees, and those who are night owls don’t generally make their work fit well to early mornings.

7.     Like the Nike ad, they just do it. Whatever it is they’re doing, they are proactive. Successful people work on until completing the job.

Not successful yet? Then take these seven habits and make them work for you. Take the best of them, the ones that seem to be the best fit and adapt them for your personality. Self-discipline is about adapting and then getting whatever you’re doing done.