Confused for weakness, humility is not something that individuals regularly seek to have more of. However, humility is not something that you simply project outward. Humility, when embodied and practiced, is a trait that will allow you to be a more authentic and present person to those around you for the following reasons.

  1. Relatability

When you open up about your strengths and weakness, your wins and your losses, you will become relatable to those around you. No one likes a showboat or a braggart, but people do like cheering on those that they feel deserve a win. Besides, being honest about your lows will open you up to learning from others.

 2.  Earning Trust

Practicing and embodying humility will allow you to learn and trust in putting your true self forth for others. With that, relatability comes the earning of trust. This is not an instant occurrence. It takes time and work to cultivate relationships of trust with other people, especially with the world we live in now.

 3.  Depth

You will not necessarily gain depth of anything, but you will give up shallowness. Shallowness in life comes in many forms. Depth in life means looking past your material ownership as well as others’. In a world where individuals flaunt their every material item on social media and reality TV, be the person to look past those items to what a person is doing, saying, and feeling for others.

 4.  Contributing

Practicing humility does not mean that you are aware of your lack of ability to contribute to the world. It means the opposite that you are aware of what you are can contribute to others and the world, and you do so freely.

 5.  Gratitude

Realizing all that you have to be thankful for is a significant hardship for many. Consider taking time daily to write down three things for which you are grateful. This can be as simple as a first or second cup of coffee, or it can be thankful for the sturdy home you did not have a year ago. When you stop to see how green your grass is, you will be less likely to want to have someone else’s yard.

 6.  Respect

When you make yourself relatable to others, work to earn their trust, look beyond the material ownership of yourself and others, contribute to your world, and practice gratitude, you will eventually begin to earn the respect of others. Where respect is not given, respect is not earned. Practicing humility will allow you to gain the respect of others while they earn your respect.

 7.  Relationships

Relationships are a culmination of everything in life. Friendships, coworkers, life partners, family, and so many other forms of relationships in life – they are all created by being yourself, being kind, and, most importantly, helping others.

 8.  Your Importance 

The realization of your importance is part of your humility. It is a culmination of everything you do, give, and take from the world and those with whom you interact. Every person has things (feelings, ideas, actions, etc.) that they give, and those are all important. However, it is also vital that you take in kind, soaking up the goodness of others so that you too can thrive,