A proven way to become an Authority in your Field

A great way to stand out from your competitors is by becoming an authority in your field. Career opportunities that you have only dreamed of will open up for you. You will attain more success than you could have ever imagined. How do you go about it? It's quite simple. By sharing your expertise on the subject.

Let's look at some tried and tested methods of becoming an authority to be reckoned with.

Regularly update your Linkedin profile and become more active

Linkedin has some very good features. It has education tools, an expanding user base and it is the go-to place for networking professional growth. There many people who choose to use it to update their profile once they have a new job and connect with people they may never develop a relationship with. When you do this, you lose the chance that Linkedin provides you. It allows you to showcase your know-how, tell your story, and become a well-known person in your field. So here's what you do. Become more active. Write and share articles. Engage in conversations relevant to your business. And lastly, get to know the people you are linked to.

Online classes and workshops

Conducting online classes and workshops is often overlooked as a way of establishing your authority. The thought of conducting workshops can be intimidating. But if you aim to do that, you can start slowly. A virtual summit works well. A virtual summit is also known as an online conference. It features experts who give their opinion on their chosen fields. Once you are out there, you will become a known figure in your industry's news channels.

Write a book

The ultimate way in which you can establish yourself as an expert is by writing a book. There is a perception among the general public that authors are experts. Once you have authored a book, you can attract the attention of the media, impress clients and garner opportunities for speaking at events. Authoring a book may already be on your bucket list. All you need to do is make it your priority.

Write articles

You can share your opinions and expertise by writing articles. Once you are published, you will get a lot of exposure and your audience will multiply. You can explore the world of print as well as online outlets.

Try internet radio shows

For experts on particular subjects, this is a great opportunity. Thousands of internet radio shows are in existence. Quite a few of them have a sizeable niche following. Programs on a vast variety of topics such as growing mushrooms or dealing with a problem child are out there. Guest speakers can avail of various time slots; ranging from 15 minutes to an hour.

Call yourself an expert

No harm in claiming your expertise. You can even come up with a tagline that explains what you have to offer. Let this message appear consistently on all platforms; be it business cards, social media profiles or your website.

Creating information products

Based on your knowledge, you can create workbooks, podcasts, videos, and ebooks. You can sell these products or even give them away if you so wish. Your authority in your field will be established to the buyers of your product. This will result in opportunities in speaking engagements or consulting offers.

Here are some tips on how to create expert status in under four weeks.

Ø  Enroll in a few related trade organizations

Ø  Select a popular university in your vicinity. Offer to give free seminars

Ø  Pick up a few top-selling books that relate to your topic and read them thoroughly

Ø  Offer help and advice to those who need your expertise; no strings attached

Ø  Try to see the customer's point of view

Ø  Zero in on the common problem spots that your ideal customers mention constantly

Ø  Add your customers to your email list if they are willing and provide solutions for the concerns they have mentioned

Ø  Contact well-known companies and offer to give free seminars

Ø  Write articles for trade magazines

Ø  Repeat the exercise every 3 months

Make use of trust-based triggers

Once you have spoken at seminars or been a guest on a radio program, you can build trust by talking about your experience. Say for example that you are a guest on the Meow Kitty podcast as an expert on cats. Make sure to let your audience know you were on the podcast through your website. This will trigger trust.

To prove yourself an authority on your subject is easy. But it requires consistent hard work and dedication. I am sure you are up to it.