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Best describes you

Start Up

You are thinking of starting a business or recently started one and need help setting it up online.

Consultants & Professionals

You want leads, increase sales, create online courses, launch webinars that sell, write and publish your book.

CEO of 7 figures and up

You are running a 7 or more figure business and you want to get to the next level of success


Drive & Focus

Business expert and 5 times best selling author with 40 published books featured in Forbes, Nasdaq and more. Contributor to Success Magazine.  

Her strengths are the ability to spot trends, obsessive market research, extreme resilience, determination and perseverance until she reaches her goal, and alchemy (transforming what seems worthless into priceless - with individuals, real estate, products,...)

25 years experience in Business Development, scaling and out of the box marketing and PR strategies, Slavica spent the last 15 years studying success: what makes people succeed at reaching outrageous goals and wrote over 40 published books on the subject.

She herself reached quite a few "big" goals and received her US green card as "a person with extra ordinary ability".

She helped thousand of people worldwide as a personal and business coach but also via her digital coaching and marketing products. She even saved a few hundred lives. She offers profound transformation coaching as well as help scaling businesses 10X. 

Producing feature films, publishing your books, creating automated lead generation system and marketing strategies to scale your business.


Small Business & Start Ups

Whether you have a small business and want to grow your online presence or a start up and you don't know where to start, we are here to help you every step of the way to insure your growth and your success.

eCommerce - Social Media - Web Design

Those words scare you? You don't where to start? You have enough of hiring and managing 10 different people to handle the different moving pieces of your online presence without any common strategy or homogeneity?

That's where my team comes in. We do everything for you. 

All you need to do is what you do best. Leave the heavy lifting to us.

Take a look at our packages
and our à la carte options

We want to hear from you and see how we can help you grow your business without all the head aches of the online portions that take so much effort, time and often very frustrating.


Consultants & Professionals

Our expertise is in scaling businesses to 7 figures. We want to help you get there. 

Build a Seven Figure Business

Whether you currently already have a successful business or starting from scratch, our proven systems help you build a seven figure online business. 

We believe we will more an more need to make sure we create some form of recurrent passive income in order to thrive on the long term. 

Apply today

We select a few business to work with that are committed in investing time and money in making this a successful venture. We'd love to speak to you about your goals and see if there is a fit.

Where to start

Become the authority figure

Tools that will help you stand out in our 3 second world and generate more revenue

Publish your book

Either learn to write and publish your book in 90 days or let us do the work for you.

Create your Webinar

A powerful system to sell your courses or sign more clients using a specific type of webinar.

Course creation

From start to finish, learn how to build your online digital class and generate more passive income.

Linkedin Lead Generation

Business owners and sales people spend on average 20 hours a week on prospecting, cold calling, hit and miss waste of time and energy techniques that are frustrating and inadequate.

Publish your book

Havin a publish book makes you the authority in your field and immediately brings you to "expert level". Specialists are respected and payed more. But, 80% of people want to write a book, 90% never finish it. We are here to help!

7 Figure Webinars

A webinar that is well done can dramatically increase your sales and generate leads on auto-pilot. We have spent years refining the strategy to create webinars that sell! 

The best way to reach your clients anywhere, no public speaking experience required.

Your online cash machine

Having online course is the best way to increase your passive income and generate extra revenue. Every consultant, professional coach eventually hits a ceiling of how many clients he or she can serve simply because of time restraints. Having a digital online course helps in many ways. And Slavica already created over 50 online digital classes. She will help you


CEOs of +7 figure businesses

You want more success, you want to stand out!

You want to scale even more.

You want to invest.

You want to leave a legacy.

We are here for you.


Our mission is to inspire and empower millions to live life to its fullest.
We give back 10% of our profits to charity.


Us & You

Slavica has spent the last 15 years helping thousands of people worldwide solve problems big and small, personal and business. She even saved a few hundred lives. 

Obsessed about success at lightspeed, having written 40 books and over 20 screenplays, created hundreds of digital courses and websites, she knows how to create out of the box strategies and products to help you stand out and step in front of the success line-up.

An eye for trends

Slavica has a gift for sales and knowing what will or will not sell. She also know how to make your service or product stand out and be seen.

Be current

Slavica surrounds herself with some of the best talents in the industry to make sure she stays current to help you achieve higher levels of success.


She puts you you first and really listens to understand your needs and how she can help you achieve your goals at lighting speed.

Contact us today

We are here to help you get from where you are to where you want to be at lightning speed.

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