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Linkedin Lead generation
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As you know, Linkedin is the most important social media platform when it comes to making business connections, acquiring B2B leads and growing a B2B business. 

The problem most people face is that they have a service or product to offer but do not know where to start when it comes to reaching the target market. Often, people will go to Facebook ads and spend substantial amount of money for unqualified leads. They end up losing a lot of time to follow up and cold calls with no success. 

Trusted by leading companies

Sales people from leading companies are using Linkedin Lead Generation
in order to gain maximum visibility on LinkedIn and always stay in front of their prospects.

The benefits of integrating our tools into your lead generation process can add immense value to your pipeline. You'll be able to not only automate your lead generation process but also to acquire customers outside of your network and enter new markets within days.  

1- Find Prospects

We find, identify and expand your network. Connect with your ideal audience, drive sales, and share content. 

Reduce the amount of time spent on Linkedin while extending your reach.  

Advanced Filtering

Increase success by building an advanced list of prospects and filter based on hundreds of criteria

Data cleanse

No need to spend hours reviewing and updating the data from your lists - our software uses artificial intelligence to cleanse your prospect lists, ensuring they’re ready to go.

Remove emojis and symbols

Everyone loves a good emoji, but it can look unprofessional if an emoji is pulled into your data. Our data cleanse feature removes these, so you’re putting your best foot forward

2- LinkedIn Automation Tools

The most efficient way to generate new business leads using the #1 Linkedln  Tool. The ultimate social selling tool for LinkedIn prospecting so that you can focus on business.

Cloud-based software

Fully automate your LinkedIn lead generation with the power and security of the cloud

Linkedin safety features

The safety of your profile is paramount to everything - we use all the known tips and tricks and them some, while staying on top of the latest changes

3- Dedicated support & Account manager

You have FREE support via phone, chat and email along with strategic advice from a dedicated account manager.

Onboarding success

We work on all the details for a seamless onboarding. 

LinkedIn experts

Using data from thousands of campaigns and having conversations with thousands of customers, we offer advice from a place of expertise

Strategic reviews

Regular calls to keep growing your success and crush your sales targets

FREE unlimited support

We don’t put a cap on how often you can connect with our live chat support or Account Manager - take advantage of support when and how often you need it

4- Security & Performance

Cold emailing and calling will soon become obsolete. That's when we come in as alternative way for consensual outreach, at scale.

GDPR Compliant

Build lead generation at scale without worrying about data protection and massive fines.

Military grade security

Keep your data and account safe via enterprise level cloud servers and military-grade encryption

Always online

You don’t need to be online to have your campaign running - Powered by the cloud, we ensures that you never miss an opportunity.

Data backup

Reliable backup and quick recovery of all your lead gen campaigns with cloud-to-cloud backup

Our Process

1 - We update your Linkedin profile and make sure we improve its SEO and avoid 18 mistakes we see on most Linkedin profile and that might prevent the right people from contacting you.

2- We configure the system so it generates leads via sales navigator and all you have to do it take the bookings and take it from there. The rest is all done via our office. Our outreach sends about 2,000 connection requests per month.

Our clients receive an average of 30 to 60 warm and hot leads per month and an average of 20 appointments per month.


​Think of the amount of time you waste on cold calling and prospecting. 

We can save you up to 20 hours per month.

Think of how much a client brings you in its life cycle as well as how much the client can refer you in revenues. And you don't have to do anything to get the leads, and not spend a dime in advertising. 

I fell in love with this system because I made connections with people I never thought would even consider connecting with me, from CEOs of fortune 500 companies to service providers, investors, business partners... The sky's the limit. 

You can leave the process to us while attending other parts of your business. And it works. 

By joining us in a monthly subscription, you will immediately receive an email with a thorough questionnaire to fill out so we get started right away in completing your ideal targeted client. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Our basic service requires a $1,200 per month investments. We add a $500 onboarding fee covering our work on your profile as well as the entire set up. You can stop at any time after that but usually people stay on board because their revenue increases continuously. 

This service includes about 2,000 outgoing connections monthly and 3 messages sent to your potential clients. Once the prospect replies, we let you do the rest. On average, the booking rate is about 30 appointments per month.

We offer a premium service at $1,700 per month which is more hands on from our side. We reply to all the incoming messages personally and keep the conversation going until we can book a call with your sales team.

Since this outreach is organic and not paid advertising, we consider it will take about 3 weeks to start seeing results and believe it is best to invest on the long run where you develop real relationships (or we develop them for you) with top quality highly targeted leads. 

You will get results! All of our client do! 



Thanks to Slavica, we generated $24,545 in new business over a 3-month span. What's more, the quality of clients and projects we signed on through Linkedin using Slavica's service has been amazing!  

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We've received qualified leads…

We've received two qualified leads asking for our services in the first two weeks. Excellent 100% done for us LinkedIn marketing service.  

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Great communication, making sure my campaign is optimized for better results. Very happy with the service and results.  

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My ROI is through the roof

My Linkedin campaign has been live for a month and the lead volume and quality keeps going up. I closed my first deal with a lead through the lead genration platform in exactly one month from the day my campaign started which exceeded expectations to say the least. My ROI is through the roof.  

Chris G.

Clear expectations

I like that they set everything up so quickly and it didn't take weeks to get up and going. Everything was completed within a week of start date. Very satisfied with quickness of service.  


Best expectations

This company does a great job generating leads on Linkedin. I use them not only for clients but also our own prospecting campaigns. The tool is great and the customer service has been very solid. Highly recommend!  

Andy M.

Expectations Exceeded!  

Slavica has greatly exceeded my expectations for engaging my target audience. The connection rate is amazing and it leads to dialogue and meetings to discuss our services.  


Someone that really cares

I give her a 5 stars because she is very responsive, helpful and truly care about the success of my business. I was able to to increase my number of connections successfully.  

Jack R.

Fully Booked!

My calendar is booked for the next few months, and that’s nearly all from Linkedin working on autopilot. Slavica has given me a lot more quality time to work on my business and to have more time with my family and friends. It’s one thing to have great software, but great support is just as if not more important  

Pay as you grow

We offer you three different plans for more flexibility and powerful outreach to maximize your Linkedin Profile

Please not the payment is set as a membership recurring payment but you can cancel at any time.

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