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Vitus Feldman Vitus Feldman

If you are looking for a professional or personal life coach, you need to look for someone that has made certain experiences and has operated through rainy days as well as the sunny ones. Slavica is a natural people person and has acquired valuable professional and personal experiences throughout her life to pass on to her clients. Due to her diverse background, she ha s a better understanding of issues and disconnections, and a better ability to find solutions and improvements. Looking for a coach for personal of professional improvement? I recommend Slavica!

Herve Herve

Slavica is a reliable and positive person, a real challenge in terms ofsales achievement. I strongly recommend Slavica for anyprofessionnal or personnal coaching.

Guaranteed results

Proven strategies

Thousands of lives already changed worlwide

  • Starting up a company
  • Marketing strategies to set you apart from the competition at a lower cost
  • Accountability to keep you on track
  • Time management to free up at least 2 hours a day
  • Goal setting and planning to make sure you achieve the results you seek
  • Ongoing coaching to keep you motivated and inspired to get out of your comfort zone
  • Strategies to increase your revenues streams and your margins
  • Pushing your boundaries while annihilating your limiting beliefs
  • Boosting your sales confidence, self esteem and your drive
  • Increasing your level of energy, reducing stress and anxiety
  • Improve your relationships at work and at home
  • Balance your work and family life while increasing your productivity
  • Healthy living in mind, body and soul
  • Over 25 years of business development and life coaching at your service

Success is a science with definite laws and principles.

Some success stories:

  • Severe anxiety attacks gone in 3 weeks
  • After one month coaching, earning as much in one month as the entire year prior
  • Three month coaching created a 10X increase in revenue
  • After 3 months, 2 years without real estate closing turned to 4 closing a month
  • Hundreds of clients reached a healthier weight.
  • Most clients see their free time increase to 2 and more hours a day

After years of research, Slavica created her own proven formula combining brain reprogramming, mindset shifts, spiritual and practical laws of success and strategies she fine tuned over the years. Her approach although focused on the business is holistic and affects positively all aspects of your life.

Her success rate is close to 100%

Daniel Vacilescu Daniel Vacilescu, LION

I sincerely recommend Slavica for her kind and valuable human support giving more than expected and success at heart. Behind a surprising positive and special delicacy you will find a professional mind trained to adapt coaching to each personality, that knows how to listen you, how to raise your inner questions and reflections, how to facilitate discovering self-answers and your unique perspectives to the correct order and practical road to desired evolution

Yasmina Yasmina

Slavica is an outstanding, passionate and results driven coach. She is a hard-working and dedicated person. She will help you or help your team get where you want to go, either in your career, or in your quest for personal growth. She will guide you to success in all aspects of your life. No matter how far you think that you are from your goaI, she will take you there with enthusiasm and humility. I will simply describe her as the magic wing touch that everyone dreams to have in his life. If you want to succeed in life, don’t waste your time asking yourself how…Call Slavica! She is an amazing person to work with.

Coaching program includes

    • One hour consultation live via Skype every week
    • One follow up call mid week
    • Unlimited emails
    • Books, training and extra videos if need be
    • First consultation is organised around assessing your precise needs in order to organize the most efficient result focused plan

    For 20 years I suffered blows and extremely negative fate. I was beaten by my husband for 15 years, I had lost quite substantial monies, victim to the jealousy of others and have suffered much rather important health concerns.

    For 6 years, I have heart problems and doctors finally put a name on what I had  following what I have experienced! I asked for a divorce last year but having a toddler, my lawyer simply refused my file.

    I met a wonderful man there two years now and the judge decided to open an investigation for adultery generating educational concerns for my children.

    After all these events I wanted to end my life and ultimate recourse by browsing videos on youtube I found yours !!!

    Since your coaching, I feel alive again. To say the least Slavica because thanks to you I am no longer suffering of health problems and I can finally live again!!

    I could finally release myself  from the tyranny of my mother jealous of the  love life I was going to have. I'm more focused on my bank account, and suddenly I feel to have much more money and fewer bills.

    I love you, you are you great

    Know that thanks to you I have regained confidence in me, something I had completely lost through being abused.

    With all my heart I thank you for all that you do.

    Thank you very much! God bless you Slavica


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    Here are some elements I help you with:

    • Take stock of your successes and failures
    • Get rid of obstacles that hinder the growth of the company
    • Learn to start a business
    • Free up at least 2 more hours and more a day!
    • Find creative solutions no matter what your problems
    • How to keep one's talents and the art of delegation
    • Know how to make sales projections
    • Know how to coach your employees in an optimal way
    • Learn advanced marketing techniques
    • Know how to become the leader your business needs
    • Expand your inner growth to see the results on the outside
    • Learn to manage stress and other emotions
    • Finding funding sources
    • How to market yourself and your business in a very unique way
    • Stand out from the competition with a very Unique USP
    • Learn to write a business book as a selling tool for your products or services
    • Learn to increase your revenue streams
    • Learn to be more effective
    • Learn to feel happy everyday no matter what the circomstances
    • Learn how to manage stress and anxiety
    • How to get rid of your success blocks, negative thinking patterns
    • And much much more!
    Eric Perlman Eric Perlman

    I would recommend Slavica Bogdanov to help you in all aspects of your life, whether its for business coaching, sales coaching, learning how to write best sellers, learning how to close deals or even learning how to shed pounds, weight loss,, if you want to learn how to take action and improve your results in all aspects of your life, please speak with slavica1,take action, best regards, Eric Perlman. Entrepreneur, Businessman, networker

    Ephraim Ephraim

    Slavica is an outstanding leadership coach, with an emphasis on high-level technical executives and their teams. I have had the pleasure of observing her coaching with clients for some time now, and she has skills that set her above and beyond other coaches. She is straightforward and to the point, in a way that doesn't waste your time and gets right to results quickly. She has a style that encourages safe and open conversations, and she is a fantastic listener who quickly helps the client have insights about how to improve performance and results. She has many years of international business experience, and so she understands and works well with leaders in many countries and cultures other than the West (where she has experience with Canadian, US, UK, Australia, and other European countries), Slavica is a fantastic coach who will keep you engaged, and help you get where you want to go in your career, and where you want to take your team and organization

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    • One phone call per week to make sure you're on track
    • Unlimited emails
    • Extra tools, videos and guidance

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