2 Rarely Considered Distractions That Are Probably Killing Your Dreams

You work hard on achieving what you want in life. You’re goal-oriented. So why does it seem so hard to get ahead? If you feel like you’re not realizing your dreams fast enough, chances are there are one of two things that are making you lose focus. 

1. Trying to Do Way too Much

Step back for a moment and have a good look at everything you’re doing. How many goals do you have? How much effort gets dispersed because you’re trying to fit too much in? If you’re trying to build a business or get promoted, raising a family, studying, and writing a novel while still trying to get to the gym, maybe it’s time to prioritize and let go of some things. 

It’s tempting to try and excel at as many things as you can because life is short. Besides, you see people all over social media going for it and living their dreams. But taking on more goals can become less about living your best life and more about Fear of Missing Out.

Maybe now is not the year to run your first marathon. It doesn’t mean you can’t do whatever you want, but it does mean you need some structure in your life so that you get the big, essential things done first. What’s most important to you right now, at this point in your life? 

2. Saying Yes to too Many Opportunities

It’s attractive to say yes whenever you’re offered a new opportunity. After all, you don’t know where it might lead. But you can’t make a lot of progress if you’re scattered over too many projects. 

Opportunities are there for the taking, or rather they are there for proper consideration. Before you say yes to an offer, think of how it could help you meet your top-priority goals. Will it turbocharge them, or sabotage them? If an opportunity is not related to what's most important to you, it’s no longer an opportunity but a distraction. 

Be clear-sighted about what you’re prepared to add to your workload, and don’t be afraid to say, “no, thank you.” Even if the potential opportunity is exciting, take some time and think about how it could affect your life. It’s a compliment to be invited to participate in a new project, to be seen as an asset. It is flattering and validating. But if it’s not aligned to your goals and values, accept the compliment and move on.