4 Benefits of Embracing Obstacles

You might feel a little skeptical about obstacles being beneficial. After all, challenges, difficulties, and adversities can be uncomfortable, even painful. Many folks go out of their way to avoid life’s challenges or try not to take any risk at all. But that is a mistake. If you face obstacles with the right mindset, obstacles are opportunities to learn and grow and go on to have greater success than you could have imagined. 

Still skeptical? Here are four reasons why you should embrace life’s obstacles. 

1. You gain purpose

Overcoming obstacles can test your ambition. If you want to achieve your goals, having to deal with obstacles forces you to rethink your plans and recalibrate your actions. You might have to change course, but you stay focused on the outcome you want. 

2. You stay on your toes

Obstacles prepare you to deal with the unexpected. You might have to take a different route, but if you embrace the challenge, you will remain focused and determined. 

Most things in life aren’t predictable. You can stay focused on your goal and still experience failure or setbacks. That doesn’t mean you won’t be successful in the end, but it does mean you need to stay open to change and flexible in how you deal with it. 

3. Your perspective changes

Dealing with challenges gives you a different perspective on achievement and life. Everyone goes through challenges; ups and downs are part of living a full life. Whenever you come across a rock or even a cliff on your path, you have an opportunity to reconsider how, why, and what you want to achieve in your life. Obstacles are a chance to reframe your problems and refocus on success.

4. You can change your mindset.

It’s easy to be tempted to despair and give up when you come up against an obstacle. Your Inner Critic may be ready and waiting with the usual script of ‘you’re no good, why did you ever think you could do it.’

But if you stay optimistic, you can change that script into a more energizing positive one that helps you get through. Accepting that setbacks are a normal part of life will remove some of the pain and make it less likely that failure will drag you down. On the contrary, you can take control of how you react to obstacles and turn them into opportunities to learn and do better.