5 Tips to Stay Positive When You Face Obstacles

It can be hard to stay positive when you’re working to overcome challenges in your life. You get tired, and there may be setbacks before you start to see progress. But you know if you keep your energy up and focus on the outcome you want, you will get there.

Here are five tips to help you stay positive and on track when you’re dealing with life’s ups and downs.

1.     You’re not alone

Most of life’s problems have been faced by people before. Probably right now there are thousands of people dealing with the same challenge that confronts you. Whether it’s taking on a new job, dealing with financial or health problems, or trying to build your business, rest assured that you’re not alone. Other people have found a way through the problem, and so can you.

2.     Nothing is impossible

There are not many impossible things. There’s usually a workaround or a solution to whatever challenge you’re trying to overcome.

A hundred years ago, flying in space or walking on the moon seemed impossible. A generation ago, the internet sounded like a dream, and smartphones were science fiction. With the right mindset and technical know-how, you can solve most problems.

3.     There is always an answer

Just because you can’t see a way forward with your problem doesn’t mean that a solution isn’t available. You just haven’t found it yet. Stay focused on the positive, believe you will find the answer. Be open to finding the solution in unexpected places.

Try to get a different perspective on your problem. Go for a walk or switch to another task to free up your brain’s problem-solving mechanism. Sometimes lateral thinking will allow the answer to appear, not by magic but because you allowed positive space.

4.     Find a mentor

There’s always someone with more experience than you. Check your organization or your networks to find the person or people who have been there before you and ask their opinion about your challenge. Chances they’ve seen it before or at least have some relevant experience.

5.     Model positivity

Sometimes you have to set the tone for the team. If you’re negative and sending out stress vibes, they’ll take their cue from you and start getting stressed too. Before you know it, there will be tension and blaming, and you’ll be no closer to overcoming your obstacles.

That applies just as much to families as work teams. Take control of your mindset and stay open and positive. Calm energy is much more likely to find solutions fast.