5 Verified Approaches to Gaining Self-Control No Matter What Your Goals Are

It’s easier to reach any goal successfully when you have self-discipline. It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to get ahead at work or concentrating on something personal like weight loss. Both require a level of self-control that will keep you focused and on track to meet your goals. 

This self-control becomes the key. The only thing standing between you and success is your level self-control. Here are some tried and true methods that will boost your self-discipline so you can accomplish the things you so desperately need to:

1. Realize there is no such thing as perfect timing. Making changes in your life is always going to feel ‘wrong.’ That’s because your brain is already wired to have certain expectations. You store habits in the basal ganglia, a portion of your brain that stores memories, as well as a lot of other raw data. But making new decisions engages another part of the brain entirely. Until you’re able to make something into a new habit, the shift you’re trying to accomplish is never going to be very comfortable. The good news? It will get better over time. The key is to start, and then to keep repeating the action until it replaces the old habits with the new. 

2. Cut yourself some slack. When you’re trying to get used to any new behavior it’s likely you’re going to fail at some point. That’s normal. But being able to forgive yourself and move on is the difference between success and failure. Self-control takes time to develop, so go easy on yourself until you get there.

3. Don’t be above bribing yourself. We love rewards. The idea of having a ‘treat’ when we get things right helps to put a positive nudge in our brains. That helps when we try to repeat the action later. 

4. Remove roadblocks. Getting rid of temptations connected to the old way of doing things makes logical sense. For example, if you’re trying to learn self-control regarding food and eating healthier, then it’s time to purge the cupboards of junk food. If you’re wanting to quit watching TV so you can do something else, think about removing the TV completely, or unplugging it, so you have to perform the extra steps to turn it on.

5. Pay attention to your diet and exercise regimen. Self-control becomes that much harder when you don’t feel good. That means taking care of yourself now. Then when the times comes to face challenges that might push at your self -control you’ll be at your best and able to better cope with any situation.  

Paying attention to the little things are what’s going to help you to develop stronger self-control. Strong self-control is what’s going to enable you to achieve your goals. Regardless of where you’re going, following these steps are sure to get you there!