Use This Trick to Be More Persuasive

Imagine the following scenario. You're talking with a potential business partner about a new opportunity. You're serious and reserved while he's making jokes and laughing way too much. You express your concerns, but he doesn't seem to take you seriously. His laid-back attitude puts you off instantly. 

As human beings, we're inclined to like people who are somehow similar to us. We choose our friends based on similarities and common interests. The same goes for business. If your goal is to persuade others, mimic their body language. It's one of the best ways to bond and to build understanding. 

Leverage the Power of Mimicry and Mirroring

Have you ever heard about body mirroring? It's a social phenomenon that involves mimicking another person's gestures, posture, and words. Most times, it occurs subconsciously. We imitate other people's behavior without realizing it. But you can also do it on purpose as a means of persuasion. 

Let’s say you see someone smiling. Somehow, that makes you feel better, and you end up smiling too. If people around you are tense and anxious, it's likely that you'll become nervous too. 

According to science, body mirroring and mimicry are due to a neuron that's responsible for recognizing and understanding facial expressions. It makes you repeat the actions of others. Thanks to this neuron, we're able to understand each other better and connect. 

Whether you're a marketing expert, a salesperson, or a business owner, you can use mirroring to your advantage. By imitating another person's nonverbal signals, you'll find it easier to persuade and entice them to take action. 

How to Mimic the Body Language of Others 

Body mirroring is both art and science. Your success lies in your ability to understand the audience. Pay attention to their verbal and nonverbal cues. Observe their gestures and facial expression, and then try to act similarly. 

Think of it as a way to connect with your audience. By imitating their behavior, you'll build trust and understanding. It also increases your charisma and helps create familiarity and friendliness. Mirroring is one of the key aspects of building rapport, being persuasive, and overcoming both physical and psychological barriers.

For example, if you’re getting ready to make a speech, take a few moments to observe your audience. Are they laid back and relaxed? Do they seem rushed? What are they wearing? Everything from their gestures to their clothing offers important cues. Adjust your body language based on these signals.