3 Steps to Becoming a Magnet for Money

Do you want a life where money comes easily to you? A life where you’re not afraid of those bills arriving every month? Well, it’s not only possible, but you can also do it. You can be a money magnet! Being a money magnet might sound like an impossible task, but if you follow a few simple, consistent steps to change your mindset, you can change your financial life.

1. Decide you can be a money magnet. 

You need to want to become a money magnet and believe that it’s possible. One of the most important ways to keep your mind from balking when you begin the mindset switch is to feel wealthy now. How do you imagine your life as a wealthy person? 

For example, you may believe if you were wealthy, you’d drive a new car—the car you’ve always longed to drive. There’s no need to go out and buy it now. Instead, window shop online for that car. Explore the features you’ll choose. Imagine you are truly shopping for the exact car you will buy. You might even test drive the car to get the feel of it. Put the image of “your” car on your phone and computer screensavers. Set up a car fund at your bank. Each time you add money to that savings account, look at your desktop or search for fun accessories for your car. You want to get into the vibration of how being the wealthy feels. When we tap into those feelings is when we start to see things in our reality changing to match our inner belief.

2. Be aware of your money blocks and work on them

Identify the attitudes and beliefs you have around money and see how that are keeping you and your wealth small. Notice any resistance to checking your bank balance. Be aware of when you tell friends you can’t afford to do something you want to do. Pay attention to negative thoughts about money, such as you have to work hard to get ahead. One by one, change these to reflect your new money mindset magnetism. Consciously choose to smile and feel confident when signing into your online bank account. Tell friends you are saving to go on that vacation and find examples of people who became millionaires by doing following their passion. 

3. Take mindful action

It’s wise to show the Universe you mean business, and one way you can do that is by taking action that continues to make you feel great about how you are handling and growing your money. Set up a new savings account and have a percentage of your pay automatically placed into it each payday. Read financial books to help you grow your emotional intelligence around money. Take a hard look at your spending and make new choices from your new confidence around your ability to be a money magnet.