3 Steps to Crushing Your Money Blocks

Money blocks are the Boogie Men of living an abundant life. Put simply; money blocks are negative beliefs about money and abundance that have been buried deep in your sub-conscious often since childhood. They can spoil things for you if you let them, or you can take a good look at them, see them for what they are, and let them go.

Before you can vaporize them, you must discover exactly what they are. To do this, set aside some quiet time alone and do this simple visualization exercise.

Close your eyes and think about money. Observe what happens to you physically and emotionally as you do this. Are you comfortable and relaxed? Do you feel tense and anxious? Do you get an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach, a lump in your throat? Do your thoughts go straight to your unpaid bills, your maxed-out credit cards, your small or non-existent savings? 

After allowing yourself to experience these feelings and thoughts, consciously relax and let your mind come back to neutral as you take three deep breaths.

Now, ask yourself what messages you got about money. These might be things like, “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” which you heard each time you asked for something as a child. Or the messages could be more recent, say from a spouse, friend, or relative.

Some common messages are:

I’m no good with money 

There’s never enough 

I’ll never be able to get ahead

I’m not smart enough to be rich

I’ll never be able to retire 

I’ll never be a success

Rich people are greedy

You have to work hard for the money

Once you’ve discovered the messages you received, think of whose voice you heard saying them? Who was it who first gave you these ideas? A parent, grandparent, pastor, teacher, or spouse? 

Whoever it was, know that they were trying to teach you and keep you safe. The intention wasn't to place blocks in your path. 

Think about each message and silently envision the person who told you and thank them for their guidance. And then release the message in whatever way feels right. The message may go up in flames or turn into a bird and fly away. Or maybe you place the limiting belief in a balloon and let it go, rising higher and higher until you can no longer see it.

Now that you’ve exposed your money blocks as the out-dated labels that they are and have released them, you can replace them with positive, energetic affirmations that open you up and allow money to flow to you. It may be helpful to write down what you experienced during the visualization and then write affirmations to replace each one. Keep these handy and repeat them daily to implant them into your mind. You are on your way to a much brighter financial future!