4 Tips for Standing on Your Own Two Feet

Can you stand on your own two feet? Are you the independent type, or do you rely on others for your answers, your care, and your decisions? If you’re looking to improve your own independence, you’re in luck! It’s never too late to increase your independence, and doing so will greatly increase your freedom to enjoy your life with no limits!

It’s true that we are often the person who holds us back the most. And if you think that’s true - what areas are you holding yourself back from achieving more success? Is it your finances, health, business, or relationships? It’s probably more than one of these. So here are four areas of your life where you can create more independence and begin thinking for yourself:


We’re all aware that money doesn’t buy happiness. What money does do, though, is allow you the freedom to have your own experiences without relying on others. Whether you envision vacations on a warm beach, traveling the United States in a motorhome with your family for a year, or being able to afford luxury items, if you’re not financially independent, you’ll never reach any of those amazing goals. Becoming financially independent isn’t something that happens overnight, but today is always a great day to make a plan, and take action steps toward that goal!


I think we can all agree that without your health, you can’t make gains in any other areas of your life. To be independently healthy, you need to exercise good habits in your life such as eating quality foods, getting the proper nutrition and staying active. These are all choices that you make and must stick too. If you’re overweight, take the initiative to do something about it. If you’re relying on medications that could be eliminated with proper diet and exercise, then that’s what you must work towards. Good health doesn’t happen on its own!


Business independence doesn’t have to mean owning your own business, though it is definitely one of the possibilities. What makes you independent in a business sense is having the highest level of quality skills that will set you apart from your competition. Professional development is never a waste, and this is especially true if you do own your own business.


To truly be independent, you must not be in codependent relationships where you can’t act or think for yourself. You’ll find it extremely empowering to be in control of your decisions and input into relationships - whether they are personal or business. You will become more valuable to those around you when you can think and act for yourself.