Products and Projects

Slavica Bogdanov is an internationally acclaimed expert on the Law of Attraction, self and business development.

She has spoken in Switzerland, Serbia, France and Canada,

She has published over 40 books, 4 best sellers.

In her spare time, she always paints and has exposed her art in Belgrade, Montreal, Miami and New York.

She also owns a film production company in development of 5 feature films.

Her products have helped thousands of people worldwide and even saved a few hundred lives.

Life transformation solution

Know it All the Have it All is Slavica's best selling products. 16 hours of downloadable  success formula. The exact road map to manifesting your dreams.

Boost your Brain to Success is a one of a kind online coaching to help you rewire your neurological connections to completely change your reality in a matter of weeks (sometimes days).

Business Success Solutions

Publish your Book in 90 days is an easy to use training to help you rapidly put together and publish your book. Slavica shares the trade secrets she learned publishing over 40 books internationally.

Increase exponentially your sales

Top salesperson and business development coach for over 25 years Slavica's 12 week training will help you exponentially increase your revenue in less time. Her proven strategies have helped hundreds double their sales by increasing their closing rate, unusual marketing strategies and saving 2 extra hours a day.

Access her books on Amazon Slavica wrote published 40 books, some in French, Spanish, Serbian, Italian, Brazilian, German...

Book a private session

You can also book Slavica for a one on one coaching session here. Seats are limited (waiting list might be an option)

Interested in Slavica's movie projects?

Slavica has written 15 screenplays so far, 2 TV series. Her company is currently developing 5 feature films.

Visit the virtual gallery

Slavica's art was exposed in Belgrade, Montreal, New York and Miami. You can see some of her work here.

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