5 Common Obstacles to Success

Of course, you want to meet your goals. Of course, you want to be a success. And you work hard to get ahead, right? No one wants to fall short. Nobody sets stretch goals expecting to fail. But did you know that there are some common reasons why you don’t always reach your goals? Here are five of the most common obstacles to success. 

1. You lack focus

There can be so many demands on your time and attention that to only focus on one thing at a time can be difficult. Before you know it, you’re halfway through a dozen projects. They’re all priorities, and you don’t know why you’re not getting ahead. 

Take a deep breath and do some serious re-prioritizing. Focus on the most important thing you want to achieve and set course for that. Get the hardest tasks done first, then focus on getting the lesser ones done. One step at a time will see you set for success. 

2. You’re a perfectionist

Perfectionism sounds like a virtue, but it isn’t. Perfectionism is another name for procrastination, but with more stress! Endless fiddling and tweaking mean you never get anything done, and it may even look like you’re a slacker no matter how hard you work. 

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘Done is better than perfect.’ If you find it hard to finish a project, take that as your motto and start filling your outbox with completed projects. 

3. You don’t have any money

Success requires discipline and budgeting. If you want to buy a house or travel or get a new qualification, treat it like any other project and allocate enough quarantined resources to achieve it. 

4. You’re afraid of failing

Fear of failure is in the top ten of things Americans dread most. It can be disabling to an extent where you’re too scared to try in case you screw up. But realize that failure is the way humans learn and grow and develop. It’s a stepping-stone on the way to success, not a defining moment of your life. 

5. You’re afraid of success.

On the other side of the coin, many folks fear success. Is that promotion scary because it’s more responsibility than you’ve had before, a bigger budget, more staff to manage? Maybe deep down, you don’t feel you deserve to succeed. Perhaps success will reveal that you’re not so good after all?

Whether you fear failure or success, look it in the eye, acknowledge it, and move on. You deserve your success, and any failure does not define you. Success is there for the taking – go for it!