How to Find a Book Title that Sells Copies

While writing a book is no easy task, you will find that searching for a good title is much more of a struggle. You are not alone in this; trust me. There are many authors who lose a lot of sleep mulling over different titles. A title can make or break the sales of your book. And you can be assured that a good title will improve your visibility on Amazon. Many factors come into play during the selection process. Let’s look at a few of them.

When your title is intriguing

When you create a title that is intriguing, the reader is going to reach out for your book as his or her curiosity is aroused. The reader is sure to click the ‘buy’ button. However, care needs to be taken. In your effort to make the title intriguing, you may stray from the topic, causing dissatisfaction and confusion.

A title that speaks of benefits

In the non-fiction genre, if a reader is searching for a book that will help him or her solve a problem, the thing that will entice them is a title that showcases its benefits.  For a person suffering from debilitating headaches, a title that focuses on a mind that is pain-free may work. You can always add a subtitle that reduces the ambiguity, by adding how to get rid of headaches.

Trigger words that are emotional work well

Some basic words hold a lot of weight. These can be referred to as trigger words or power words. Think for a moment how it would sound if you told someone that a particular book is good. Now imagine the impact of your statement if you exchange the word good with ‘awesome’ or ‘mind-blowing.’

Let us look at a few examples. Words like gigantic or monumental have more impact than a simple word like big. Exciting is ok. But how about jaw-dropping instead? I am sure you get the picture now.

The impact on the book cover

Where the book cover design is concerned, the title is going to play a decisive role. If it is too long, the cover designer is not going to be too happy as it will hinder the designing process. So, while working on the title, think about how it is going to impact the book cover design. Here are the points you need to consider while working on your title.

Ø  Is it too long or is it just right?

Ø  Is there a sense of balance to the words?

Ø  Does the title match with the image that you want to use on the book cover?

Do you need a subtitle?

Subtitles are essential when you are writing non-fiction. Where the sales and discoverability are concerned, there are a lot of marketing angles you can use in your title. The perfect title needs to have a mix of factors such as originality and marketability. The point of the book should be conveyed effortlessly. This should be done without alienating the genre.

Formatted templates and set phrases

It’s an accepted fact that most of the material out there has been churned out for blog post titles. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing. This is because most people in business are searching for ways in which to make you click on their post. This is exactly what you as a self-publisher want. So, don’t you think it makes sense to use phrases and sentences that are proven? After all, that’s what you want!

Making final checks before zeroing on the perfect title

Ø  Let’s say you have a few working titles that look like a good bet. To avoid pitfalls, you need to verify certain things. You will find plenty of movies and books with the same title. All countries don’t have copyright laws as far as titles are concerned. So, you have to ask yourself; do I really want to go into battle with a book that is already popular? While this can be considered as a great strategy by some; don’t be surprised if you get a bad review.

Ø  Depending on where you are marketing your book, it’s important to take note of the subtle differences in the language you use. Certain words that are used in the UK don’t exactly have the same meaning in America or Australia. A popular book had to exchange the word philosopher for sorcerer for it to make sense in the American market.

At first, it may sound daunting. But if done right, the perfect title will succeed in changing browsers into your buyers. To make sure you have got it right, ask yourself if a stranger would be able to guess what your book is about from the cover. If the answer is yes, you have got it right.    

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