How to Use Your Book as a Marketing Tool

 There was a time when books were the only conduit by which authors could reach out to their audience. However, with the invention of the web; that USP was lost. As you are aware, the past few decades have seen an evolution of communication modes that are author-friendly. There are webpages, ebook, e-learning, micro-video, animation, infographics, podcasts, pin and tweet.

The new generation communicates via a complicated matrix of response and references; unlike the traditional book which was totally self-contained. These forms of communication can be perceived as a competition for your book. Or it can be perceived as an integral part of an ecosystem that is not only rich but dynamic.

There’s a book in you!

Whether you are a business owner, a brand builder or a career climber, once you write a book, you will be far ahead of your competitors. It really makes no difference what profession you are in. You could be a doctor, a therapist or a life coach, once you write a book; you will stand out from the crowd of competitors wanting to make a fast buck.

However, it is advisable to chalk out a plan for your book. If you think that money will come pouring in as soon as the book gets printed, think again. You have to ask yourself how you are going to use your book to promote your business. This should be done well before you publish it. Here’s what your book will do for you:

Ø  It’s a given that it will attract more customers. Your prospects will definitely improve

Ø  The book will let the world know that you are knowledgeable about the business you are in

Ø  It will be a declaration of sorts that you have considerable expertise in your subject

Ø  The doors will open for you. There will be more consultations and you may even get a paid speaking gig

Ø  You will be in the right place to decide on your next career agenda

Ø  You will be able to grow your business very quickly

Ø  You will become a well-known brand

Share your views liberally

Many people who are planning to write a book worry that they will be revealing many of their secrets. After all, you may wonder; why would anyone want a consultation once they have read the book? Not true. All you need to do is whet their appetite. Once they get a taste of what you have, they will come to you for more. This can be achieved by subtle suggestions that promise much more.

You gain credibility

The main advantage of authoring a book; especially where small businesses are concerned is that it gives you a considerable amount of credibility as an expert in your field. You will be perceived as a person who is committed as not everyone can go about writing a book. People will understand that you know a lot about your subject.  It will definitely give you an air of authenticity and professionalism.

So much more than business promotion

Writing a book is not only about promoting your business. Your existing clients will be better able to understand what you are offering them and how they can take your help. Once you are on the same track as your clients, it is a simple matter to give them what they are looking for.

In marketing, a lot of time is spent on developing a relationship with a client. Once you have a book on offer, a lot of time is saved and you will be able to start delivering your services.

The aftermath

The buck doesn’t stop at the publication of your book. It is not even a beginning. When you are in the process of chalking out a plan and writing your book, you can engage your potential clients with your book. You can invite contributions for your book, ask pertinent questions and let them suggest titles. You can even share extracts from what you have written. Your blog will come in handy as you can now share your experiences as a writer with your audience. Make sure you give credit to people who have made a valuable contribution by mentioning them in acknowledgments. This may even increase the sale of your book!

Let’s face it. There is never going to be a better time to write a book. Once you have your strategy in place, you can focus on writing your book. Apart from the obvious advantages, there is much more to be gained. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have given birth to something that is totally your own creation; unique in every sense of the word. It may even be the pinnacle of your success.

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