4 Ways Humility Makes Your Life Easier

Walk into any bookstore, and you will find a plethora of books on achieving success. In these books, you will find lists of traits, plans to follow, and examples of prosperous individuals. However, success isn't always something you can merely learn in a book. Doing well in life comes with hard work, practice, and the cultivation of yourself. One of the other main characteristics of success that you won't find lurking in most books is humility. This not just what you think humility means but what it is and how you manifest it in your own way.

Before understanding how you can cultivate your own humility, you need to understand what humility Is not. Humility is not hiding or downplaying your skills and value in the world. Humility is accepting that you are ready now to contribute while understanding that you can always do better.

Listen & Learn

Humility in practice means that you actively listen and learn in all situations and from all people. You already know that you should listen to your mentor because he or she has much to teach you. Did you know that you should also listen to the people that you consider below you? Listening to everyone, genuinely listening to what they have to say and how they say it, will allow you to learn. When you open up to learning from others, you are opening up yourself to become better in every way.

Test and Refine

Test and refine seem like extensive practices. What this means is never to stop practicing, watching, and making better. Much like listening and learning, never assume that you are at the top of your game. Test how you send out emails, newsletters, or even a product that you believe to be infallible. Keep trying, testing, and refining until the day you stop what you are doing. Remember, the Titanic was supposed to be unsinkable, and that type of hubris has been the downfall of many.


Admit when you are wrong. Admit when you don't know an answer. Admit when you have more to learn. Humility means that you are prepared to give and serve from where you are now, but that you understand that you can always become better.

Humility is a word that has taken on a negative connotation in today's society. However, humility in its most basic form is something we should all seek to practice. Could you imagine a world of individuals that didn't always think they knew what was best and was willing to learn from others?