The Business Advantages of Becoming an Author and Why Having Your Book Published Can Increase Your Sales

It’s a great feeling to have a business you are proud of. However, to make your business profitable, you need to attract as much attention as you can. To do this you will probably explore all the avenues. But there may come a time when you ask yourself; what more can I do? The answer is quite simple. Write a book about your business.

Let’s look at the options on how to attract clientele. Media coverage is always there. But, how do you catch the attention of the media? It’s not very simple, is it? Another option is speaking about your business and your product at conferences. However, for that to happen, the listeners need to know about you for them to take the time to come and listen to you.  Trust me, your best bet is writing your book. So how does writing a book about your business help attract clients? Writing a book is in fact, the most under-utilized method of attracting attention.

Will your book get you attention?

Once you have written a book, you are considered an authority on the subject and gain credibility. It helps you to establish yourself as an industry leader and an expert on the subject. Authoring a book places you a notch above your competitors. Customers have greater confidence in buying goods or services from someone who is an expert on the subject.

It is easy to find you when you have penned a book

As we all know, Google and YouTube are at the top when it comes to search engine ranks. It may interest you to know that Amazon takes third place. However, Amazon is the no. 1 search engine where looking for services and products is concerned. As many as 44 percent of all searches for products begin here.

There is little doubt that an advertisement grabs attention when you are browsing. But seriously, do you hunt for ads when you want to find out more about a product? You would rather reach out to the experts if you want information. So where do you find information written by an expert? In a book, of course.

If you have written a good book, people will automatically reach out to you. This is because the book will introduce you to people and tell them how you can help them. With this excellent marketing tool, you not only build your brand but also attract customers.

You increase your sales when you write a book

A very lucrative method by which you can monetize your book is by utilizing it to endorse a physical product. If you just type in ‘how to lose weight’ on Amazon, thousands of books on the subject will appear. Most of these books are mainly guides for buyers promoting supplements and other food products.

You may have heard about the paleo diet. Mark Sisson published almost a dozen books, giving his opinion on the paleo diet. The books are really great. Mark not only sells these books on Amazon but also uses his website to give them away. Obviously Mark makes a bundle selling food and supplements.

Let us pause and give the matter a thought. Would a supplement ad pique your interest? I guess not. But what happens if you were to read a book that told you what supplements you should take and why? You are sure to trust what the author has to say in the book. So you will buy the supplements he endorses. The book gives credibility and encourages people to buy your brand.

Other benefits that entrepreneurs reap when they write a book

Ø  Skills in writing- once you polish your skills by writing a book, the avenues for other written projects open up for you. This can be in the shape of emails, blogs, podcasts, speeches and reports.

Ø  Content marketing- when you have written a book, you will be able to produce better content to market your product. You can share the content that is generating by writing your book in podcasts and blogs.

The prospect of writing a book may be daunting. But don’t stress over it. Take it a step at a time. You are sure to come up with a winner.

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