Slavica Bogdanov has already helped thousands of people via her best selling books, her award quality digital courses, Strategic and transformational consulting. She continuously receives emails of people's lives she has transformed. 

" I think your book is filled with great stories, motivational and inspirational  "

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Jack Canfield

" She gives you the inner inspiraton and guidance to become wealthy, and the outer skills and actions you can take immediately to achieve all your financial goals

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Brian Tracy

Patience is they key to success. I'm very sure your domino effect is about to happen soon 

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Andres Pira

"Slavica Bogdanov has created a unique and detailed instruction manual for the day to day successes you will achieve as you reach your financial goals"

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Joe Vitale

"Slavica puts you in charge of your future by giving you the power to achieve financial abundance and find happiness at the same time. If you're looking for practical and spiritual direction to wealth."

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Loral Langemeier

"Thank you Slavica for your precious collaboration and good inspiration" 

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Marc Fisher

"I am very happy to collaborate with Slavica on my EFT method so we can reach more people worldwide,"

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Brad Yates

" It was a pleasure meeting Slavica as she really understand the power of Thoughts Become Things."

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Mike Dooley

"Slavica Bogdanov is a determined person, both go-getter and curious, who knows how to put at ease the people she meets while taking a genuine interest in what they do ."

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René Vézina

"Slavica Bogdanov comes across as a person with a very high level of intellect with an enviable grasp of various verticals. A reservoir of knowledge. In short , a concoction of a precocious talent with striking flair, enterprise and a human being with a sublime touch of keen humanitarian values differentiates her from the rest."

Abraham Paul Vatakencherry

Chief Coordinating Officer ( Lion Eagle Family Office ) & Niche Global influencer & Strategist for the Global Canvas


Slavica:s conference is really different, very inspiring and motivating. It raises the moral. It gives meaning to the phrase 'anything is possible' and opens your mind to think differently and see many more possibilities and opportunities.

Dana Mladenovic


"I still don't know how we did it, but since I've been coaching you I've made last year's salary in 20 days. 

I almost can't believe it. "

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Philippe Lefebvre


Slavica Bogdanov transformed my life. It opened doors that I didn't know existed. it's been a year now and I still see the impact it has had. I live a different way and think differently. I recommend her to everyone I meet.

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I never thought that results would show this fast in my business. I wouldn't have a problem paying her a million dollars if I had to. 

She saved me 2 years of struggles, I know it. 

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Some top connections

Slavica collaborated and helped numerous individuals throughout her career. 

With Jack Canfield

During a Mastermind Weekend at his home.

With Marcus Lemonis

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At an INC. conference in Washington

With Brad Yates

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I translated over 200 videos for my French speaking fans.

With Kevin Harrigton and Loral Langemeier

During a three day Shark Made Millionaire Intensive 

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