The 10 Days To Better Leadership Challenge
Day 10- Create a Team Action Plan

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” 

 Michael Jordan, Hall of Fame basketball superstar

Welcome to Day 10 of Ten Days to Better Leadership.

Welcome to the final day of your Ten Days to Better Leadership Challenge. You’ve come a long way in developing an effective and successful leadership style!

Yesterday, we worked on identifying and eliminating team roadblocks. Now it’s time to put an action plan in place.


It’s time to create an action plan to enable your team to accomplish that ONE thing you are all focusing on.   

 It’s a good practice to plan backward. That’s where yearly or quarterly goals are useful, and why we keep bringing up long-term goals in these exercises.


If your team has a project due 12 months from now, for example, use that end date to figure out where the project has to be 6 months from now.


     How does that 6-month deadline inform what has to be completed in 3 months?

     What must happen this month to stay on track?

     What about this week?



Each member of the team needs to see the increments and understand how their part fits into this ONE goal. Individuals can then break their personal portion into manageable tasks. Each member knows what they’re responsible for achieving, and when it’s due.


As the team leader, determine how often to check on the progress of each team member. Add reminders to your calendar so you don’t forget!



The steps outlined below may seem like overkill at first, but the process gets easier each time you implement the steps. The whole team is learning communication skills that leave little room for misunderstanding and delay.


Clearly describe the ONE thing your team agreed to be working on this month. Be specific.


Ensure that the goal is attainable - not frustrating or unrealistic.


If this ONE thing is one component of a much longer-range project, ensure that everyone understands how this month’s goal fits into the entire plan.


Have the entire team help to break this month’s goal down into incremental steps. What portion has to be done this week, the week after, and so on. Assign an end date for each specific step.


Doing this visually is best (a whiteboard if you’re in the same physical location, shared monitors if not together). Everyone sees how the pieces fit together.


If it’s better for your team’s scope, the steps above can be implemented for year-long projects first, instead of beginning with monthly goals. Select a long-range project, and then break it down following the same steps to create 6-month, quarterly, monthly or weekly goals.

Congratulations on completing the 10 Days To Better Leadership Challenge! You should be really proud of yourself! Not only has your personal leadership been transformed, but the way you lead your team has been as well. Great job!

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