The 10 Days To Better Leadership Challenge
Day 3- Identifying Your Personal Roadblocks

“I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people.” 

– Mahatma Gandhi, Indian independence movement leader  

Welcome to Day 3 of Ten Days to Better Leadership.

I hope yesterday you were able to establish some goals that got you really excited about your future.


If you’re going to achieve your personal mission by meeting the goals you’re setting, you need to identify potential roadblocks. These are simply the interests, demands, people, situations, or habits that will keep you from achieving what you’re really after.    

Some things that might sound like good things might not fit into your mission. Volunteering as treasurer of your homeowners’ association sounds like a noble undertaking, but it’s probably not going to help you achieve your goals - and it will take up quite a bit of valuable time.

When you look back at your mission statement and goals, what could possibly hold you back from achieving your goals this month, this quarter, or this year?


     Your goals might be too vague (“I want to be a good person”).


     You’ve developed poor habits like procrastination, checking social media throughout the day, or watching TV.


     You may have chosen goals that are too big and that need to be broken down into increments which are more realistic to accomplish monthly.

     Perhaps you just have WAY too much on your plate and need a trusted friend, co-worker, or mentor help you to pare it down, learn to say no, and point out which things are important, and which are time wasters.

     Do you need accountability to someone who’s not afraid to confront laziness, lack of follow-through, or poor planning? Perhaps even a mentor or life coach?

     People can be roadblocks too. Is there someone keeping you from getting things done, or being a negative influence? This can be a bit trickier and you would benefit from getting help or wise counsel.



What are your specific roadblocks? (Go back and look at your mission statement(s) and goals if that helps you pinpoint specific issues you might face.)


Be as detailed as possible in describing each roadblock and exactly how it prevents you from moving forward with your goals.

How will you handle each roadblock?


How and where can you get help if it’s needed?


Is there anything on your plate that you can eliminate, delegate to another, or simply decide it’s never going to happen? Take steps as needed.

Tomorrow you’ll settle on that ONE thing that you want to focus on first    

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