The 10 Days To Better Leadership Challenge
Day 7- Identifying Your Team's Goals

“I think one of the keys to leadership is recognizing that everybody has gifts and talents. A good leader will learn how to harness those gifts toward the same goal.” 

– Ben Carson, U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development  

Welcome to Day 7 of Ten Days to Better Leadership.

Yesterday we focused on how to clarify your team mission for the benefit of each member and the team as a whole. Now it’s time to get very practical with goal setting.


You have clarity on your team’s overall mission and how each team member fits into making the team a success. Now it’s time to determine the real and measurable goals of your team.   

These may be assigned to you by someone else, like a superior, or you may be the one who comes up with these. Either way, it’s important to be clear on what your goals are for your team.

What is your team trying to accomplish this month? This quarter? This year?

If you need to get clarity on these from a supervisor, do that first.


If you need to take some time to set goals for your team, when exactly will you do that? Get it on the calendar ASAP. Many successful team leaders meet with their team once a week for continuity and accountability.


If setting goals involves team members, get them to clear their schedule and join you for goal setting. Do something to make it fun!


Your action for today is simply identifying goals for the team. No implementation of these is necessary yet until further planning is in place.



First, restate your team mission:





Choose 3 goals for your team for only this month. Using those as a starting point, what goals does each team member need to have so that their part is finished on time? Be as specific as possible.


Can you and/or team members articulate how these monthly goals fit into your mission statement?


Looking further ahead, what are a few goals you want to accomplish this quarter? How do this month’s goals fit (if they do) into those longer-range goals?


Are there long-term goals that need to happen by the end of this year? Is there a way to work on those long-term goals by meeting monthly and quarterly goals?


Tomorrow we’ll get into determining your team’s ONE thing    

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